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Lithium battery will be the future of new energy development in the future

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Lithium-ion battery in the portable product market is a great success in the future, for electric vehicles and as a plug-in, can achieve hybrid electric vehicles, etc., and the stability of the grid system of electrical systems, the battery research a series of new lithium ion necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to allow more manufacturers and technicians to gain insight into the generation of new cells, and is committed to improving the level of battery technology, the battery industry needs to expand a new generation early.
Lithium batteries, solid batteries and a new generation of lithium-ion batteries as an organic representative of the air, becoming the most advanced research and development. In this regard, the United States, Japan will vigorously develop. For example, Toyota's new "battery research" in June 2008 is actively promoting new materials for lithium-ion batteries, all-solid batteries and lithium-ion batteries for next-generation batteries.
2011 China (International) Lithium New Energy Summit Forum April 9 held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, will explore the development of new lithium energy industry and technology trends, including not only positive and negative materials, diaphragm technology, power batteries, energy storage batteries, batteries Management, charging system, the new generation will also discuss the development of lithium-ion battery. Among them, lithium-ion battery key issues. air
Lithium batteries, the atmosphere of oxygen in the air active, while the current lithium-ion battery can be compared to improve the above comparable gasoline, 29generations energy density of the theory of 15 times. Therefore, as the "ultimate" concern about the battery. However, the positive electrode structure of this battery is the same as that of the fuel cell, and the reaction using the catalyst is required to be oxygen. Also, as a rechargeable battery when used, still need to recover the air extreme Li2O2 to react with the substance. In addition, there is also reaction as an intermediate reaction with an electrolyte. According to research and other countries of the development, the current mainly concentrated in Japan, ASEAN.
Because lithium power, especially on the new energy of the superpower, the future of technology attention, development and industrialization prospects is particularly important. Fortunately, the lithium battery, the air of the research results and patented technology of her own compatriots.
"2011 China (International) Lithium Forum" in the industrial new energy summit and the Ministry of Information Industry and information, commerce and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Education of China Institute of Electronics with the support of China Electronic Equipment Corporation, Yichun National Lithium Ion Battery Of the new energy high-tech industrial base, will be held jointly at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center held on April 9, this event in Shenzhen, China 2011 Consumer Electronics Show Power Battery Show activities.

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