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UEE Energy service concept
Attract talent, retain talent, develop talent
Talent Strategy
Human resources purposes: to attract talent, retain talent, the development of talent. Human resources objectives: for the sustainable development of enterprises to provide a strong human resources support, and promote the common progress of employees and enterprises. Recruitment of human resources: through a reasonable human resources planning, to provide staff career promotion channel, to attract and select the appropriate external talents to join. Human resources retention: continuous management of innovation, providing a variety of incentives, the greatest degree of retention of existing talent. Human resources development: to provide staff with career development planning guidance and support, and according to the individual capacity of employees assigned to the right position, people do their best.
Service philosophy
  • Talent genes
    Enthusiastic focus
  • Contribution talent
    Team wins
  • Talent Market
    Looking at the world
  • Talent introduction
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