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  • Enterprise core values
    The pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, to create value is the driving force of our lives, to achieve the value of our long-term pursuit!
    Integrity and integrity
    The spirit of the master
    Have a sense of social responsibility
    Be creative and aggressive
  • Our Mission
    Target with the direction, load-leading, tacit trust, risk-sharing.
    Is committed to narrowing the gap between the level of domestic lithium technology and the international advanced level.
    To first-class quality, professional services, leading technology to become the most value-added partner partners.
    For all shareholders to create long-term, long-term and efficient return on investment.
    For all employees and their families to create a stable, high-quality working and living environment.
  • corporate vision
    The company advocates the geese team spirit. To create the most competitive plate boutique business is the common goal of Pro Steel.
    Will Yu Electric energy into a battery raw materials.
    Battery, power supply integrated production of new energy industry park
    Will Yu-energy production of batteries, power to create a domestic first-class brand.
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