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Provide from the domestic set research and development, production and sales in one of the large-scale lithium new energy enterprise integration solutions

  • HuBei UEE Energy Technology Co., Ltd

    Add: Hubei Xiaogan Road No. 38 Technology Industrial Park

    Tel:0758—5226969 0713-2367081 Fax:0728—5226969

    HuBei UEE  Energy Technology Co., Ltd
  • Tianmen Office

    Add:A/Fazhan Road,Economic Development Zone,Tianmen City

    Tel:0758—5226969 0713-2367081 Fax:0728—5226969

    Tianmen Office
  • ShenZhen Office

    Add: A/N0.12,Gangtou Industrial Park,Houting Village,Shajing Street,Shajing Town,Bao'an District,ShenZhen,China

    Tel:0755-36610199 Fax:0755-85283396

    ShenZhen Office
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